"In the Company of Trout"
two ways!
Choose the book alone, or order it with
 its five special flies.

In The Company of Trout
, plus the five unique flies discussed in the book, custom hand-tied in New England, shipped postpaid and applicable taxes included, $30.00 Send check or money order, or use the PayPal button, below. (If you don't have a PayPal account, you can use your own credit card, debit card, etc. from PayPal's secure site, as a "guest.")

                                                                                                                                                   Photos by Jarvis Chen

The Five Flies

These five flies have become my favorites, and drum up trout when others fail. Detailed tying instructions are provided in the book, but you may choose to purchase the five flies along with the book.
 Peter Shea

Photos by Jarvis Chen

The Doctor
- this large and heavily-weighted nymph is no pleasure to cast, and has inspired the technique of fishing ugly, because there is no pretty way to cast it. My friends Jeff and Bruce, now of Kalispel, Montana, created it


Vermont Wiggle Nymph
-  this a Green Mountain version of a design that was originally created by Doug Swisher and Carl Richards, back in the '70s.

Forked-Tail Hex
- No natural fly makes the trout go nuttier than the varieties of hexagenia coming off New England waters from late-spring, into July and beyond. The author's up-sized pattern has been described as "a turkey dinner with a parachute hackle." The forked tail gives stability to this small  "sailboat."

No-Name Nymph
- Sometime simple is best, and this was introduced to the author about forty years ago by a New Hampshire angler. When it immediately kicked up two-pound rainbows, the deal was sealed for life.

Forked-Tail Caddis
- The buggy silhouette presented by this concoction of fur and feather is the secret to its success, and the forked tail helps it ride high and stable.

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