The NEW Atlas of
Vermont Trout Ponds
A GPS-Compatible Guidebook

      Book cover photo © Can Stock Photo / rabbit75can

            In 1981, The Atlas of Vermont Trout Ponds became an instant local best-seller, ultimately selling more than 20,000 copies, in three editions through 1993.

Now, twenty-five years after that last edition, its former co-author and publisher is releasing his very own 21st century version. Utilizing GPS technology, it provides up-to-date information on virtually all of Vermont’s trout ponds.

From Adams Reservoir to Zach Woods Pond this new book provides a reference, and is a must for every Vermont angler.

The NEW Atlas of Vermont Trout Ponds

Six maps, providing comprehensive statewide coverage

Coverage of more than 100 lakes and ponds      

Stocking information based on a five-year analysis

Wild trout populations of brookies, rainbows, browns, lakers, and salmon…and bass

GPS coordinates to boat accesses, trailheads, routes and parking

Boat access descriptions – from car-top carries to ramps for large boats

Environmental evaluations, including invasive species and water clarity

Physical parameters – acreages, elevations, maximum depths

On-site boat rentals, “restroom” availability, state parks, hiking information, other amenities

For anglers with mobility impairment, locations of wheelchair-accessible fishing platforms and docks

The NEW Atlas of Vermont Trout Ponds, 148 pages, 6 regional maps,

ISBN: 978-0-692-05273-0     $16.95 retail

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