Vermont’s Trophy Trout Waters

“Until now, however, there has not been a comprehensive to these waters. But that has changed in a big way… Researched and written by Vermont trout bum extraordinaire Peter Shea, the handy, 116-page guide contains a wealth of information that will help anglers find and fish Vermont’s trophy trout waters. A geographer by training and the author of several other Vermont fishing guides, Shea includes detailed directions for each water and GPS coordinates for parking areas along rivers and boat accesses on ponds, along with 46 simple, line drawn maps, 15 depth charts, and more than a dozen black-and-white photographs”

Lawrence Pyne, Outdoors Writer, Burlington Free Press

Vermont Trout Ponds

Peter Shea's new book Vermont Trout Ponds is a delightful romp for anyone who wishes to hear about the special places fly fishermen covet with almost the passion of Captain Ahab, but tempered with the rare gift of someone who is willing to share those places in well-written words, as well as the thrills of his victories and the agonies of his defeats, all with a sense of side-splitting humor and a serious appreciation for the wilderness of the Green Mountain State. “

Philip R. Jordan, Editor, Vermont Magazine

 “Shea literally put Vermont still-water fisheries on the map more than thirty years ago with the publication of The Atlas of Vermont Trout Ponds…now [he] is back with a more intimate and in depth companion book…Vermont Trout Ponds... It’s a fun, easy read that melds useful information with fishy tales that will make you want to strap a canoe to your car or lace up your hiking boots and go see each of the ponds covered for yourself… [the book] reflects his more than four decades spent exploring and fishing Vermont with an almost single-minded focus on small, hidden waters…”

Lawrence Pyne, Outdoors Writer, Burlington Free Press.

In The Company of Trout

“I've purchased Shea's 'In the Company of Trout' for 2 of the fishermen in my life and also one for another 'outdoorsy' pal. All of them mentioned how much they enjoyed the stories in his books. True, funny and adventurous. He's a good writer with great stories to tell. Just received three copies of this book yesterday and am looking forward to reading it myself as well as gifting them again. Good gift item.”

P, Amazon


“Several years ago two friends and I were planning a fishing/camping excursion to somewhere in New England. Another friend who heard we were researching possible locales, told us about a book he had seen "In the Company of Trout". The book was a quick read, laced with humor and great information about trout fishing throughout Vermont. Peter Shea sold the three of us on trying some of his favorite Vermont ponds. Thanks Peter for your advice and wit. We plan to return next summer…”

Tom Sullivan, Angler, Amazon


“A great read for anyone, fisherman or not. Truly engaging and entertaining. The chapter "Secrets to Big Brookies" is piss your pants hilarious and a great story!!! This is must for your fisherman's library!”

John J. Bergkvist Jr., Angler, Amazon


“The stories told are witty & humorous; not just fish stories but often concerning events & people encountered while on fishing trips (and on our journeys through life). The writing style is excellent; intelligent & friendly, and relaxed in the manner of stories told while sitting around the campfire.”

Jay Paul, non-angler, Amazon


“I thoroughly enjoyed these stories of Peter's adventures fishing the rivers and streams of Vermont. I have fished a few of them myself over the years and would heartily recommend this read to anyone who enjoys hunting down the out- of- the-way spots and the lure of a trout rising.”

Jim Dunn, Angler, Amazon


 Long Trail Trout

 Fish stories are a dime a dozen. What I loved about "Long Trail Trout" are the unpredictable adventures experienced during each fishing excursion. The descriptive way that each story was told made me feel like I was part of the adventure myself. The only thing missing is the smell of fish. Makes me want to hit the trail with my fly rod and a box of flies to create my own Long Trail adventure. A funny and awesome read to inspire any angler who wants to get off the beaten path to chase trout and create their own Long Trail adventures.  


Neil Hilt, Vermont PBS, Producer/Director of Outdoor Journal


This is a masterful work crafted by a man who truly knows the world of trout fishing and shouldn't be missed by anyone who's chased those elusive beasts and dreamed of hiking to the mountain ponds of the Northwest or those secret spots in Vermont. Shea's puckish sense of humor adds just the right flavor... I'd love to accompany him on one of his treks, but reading about them will suffice as next-best.. As fine a collection of fish-tales as you'd want.

DeptuyM, Angler, Amazon


…Some of the most exciting backcountry fly-fishing trips one can take. This collection of essays, both informative and entertaining, is a perfect complement to guides for any of the regions covered, and essential reading for anyone planning a fly-fishing trip off the grid.

Lightning Releases

A good read for backpackers and fly fishers… Long Trail Trout, by Peter Shea. He's a Vermont guy and this is the most recent of several books he's written. This one has short pieces on trips to Montana, Wyoming, far northern Labrador, Yellowstone backcountry and yes, Vermont. His tales are well told and will draw you right in. Plus, he's pretty funny and touches on a number of camp subjects that never seem to get written about. I'll leave it at that. Go buy this book

Vtflyfish on the ADK Forum


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