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Collateral Trout: A Vermonter's Angling Memoirs and Fishy Tales , 5.5" X 8.5" inches, 126 pages. 

ISBN 978-0-692-84433-5 


For more than fifty years, with fly rod in hand, Shea has chased trout in the Green Mountain State and elsewhere. Along the way he has documented their geography in maps and guidebooks, and shared his personal, often hilarious, angling stories. Collateral Trout reprises several out-of-print reader favorites, adding new-to-print memoirs, and including the author’s first works of fiction. From stories of an early arrest, and experiences with the “Lake Champlain Monster,” to what happens when you mistake a porcupine for a bear, or what do you do when you find human remains, the reader will be entertained with his authentic tales. A separate section includes five fictional stories, all transpiring in the beloved sport that is trout fishing.