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Vermont Trout Ponds: A Personal Selection, Commentary and True Stories 5.5” X 8.5” 21 maps, 120 pp, ISBN 978-0-615-99742-1, $14.95 at your local bookstore or $20 postpaid.

More than thirty years ago Shea co-authored the best-selling angling guide, The Atlas of Vermont Trout Ponds. Vermont Trout Ponds: A Personal Selection, Commentary, and True Stories focuses on twenty of his favorite Vermont lakes and ponds, illustrating each of these water bodies with a map–and in most cases a depth chart, for planning angling strategies. Sharing information, comments, and the occasional angling tale that span his nearly fifty years of chasing Vermont trout, the author transports the reader to twenty varied destinations. From places that are ideal to bring the family and young children, to the most remote trout fishing to be had in the Green Mountains, the angler will enjoy Shea’s personal and informative take on these fishing holes. 

Vermont Trout Ponds

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