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Books by Peter Shea

           The NEW Atlas of Vermont Trout Ponds:                               A GPS-Compatible Guidebook

Vermont's Trophy Trout Waters: An Atlas & Guide

Vermont Trout Ponds: A Personal Selection, Commentary, and True Stories
Collateral Trout: A Vermonter's Angling Memoirs
 and Fishy Tale

Long Trail Trout: Backcountry Fly-Fishing Adventures from Vermont to Montana and Beyond

   In the nineteen-eighties, Shea edited and co-authored the first editions of what became Vermont bestsellers and are now local angling classics:  The Atlas of Vermont Trout Ponds, Vermont Lakes In Depth, and Vermont Trout Streams. His new books offer great stories and guidance to trout fishing in Vermont and beyond.

A view of Vermont's highest mountain from Sterling Pond, Vermont's highest trout pond.

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